Laughter – The Best Medicine for all Ills


There is nothing like laughter to perk up your spirits. Whether it is a good guffaw with friends over beer or a bout of giggling with old class mates, laughter releases happy hormones that act as a soothing balm over even the most distressed spirits. Strangely most people wait for something to happen before they show a hint of a smile. Have you ever though that joy and laughter is in your hands and you can make it happen any time you want? All that you have to do is to look for ways that will send all your worries to the back of your head and make you focus on the beautiful life before you.

How about starting off in your efforts with these small tips?

Spend time with kids – In the rat race of our existence, we often forget to what extent the innocence of children can light up lives. Remember the happiness when your little bundle of joy was first put in your hands. There is no reason to think that it will diminish as he/she grows up. Get on your hands and knees, have a grubby dirty face doing what your child is doing. Or call your neighbour’s kids over too and have the time of your life with them.

Visit an amusement park – When was the last time that you did so? It will surely make you laugh away, not simply because you are having fun now but at the memories of childhood that will come flooding back. Fun at an amusement park is always a fulfilling experience.

Humour everywhere – There is humour everywhere in day to day lives but sadly most people miss out on small stuff in an effort to look at the larger picture. Look for things in everyday life that is really out of the ordinary. See the flip side to ordinary events. It is your perception that actually matters. And when you come back home have a blast with your neighbours or loved ones narrating your experiences. They too will thank you for bringing laughter in their lives.

Connect to an old friend – Connect to an old friend from the past and it will surely get you in splits as you share old and funny memories of oh-so-long-time-ago. You will remember funny stories, old jokes and other amusing events that have even shaped your life. Rejuvenate that funny bone in you. Who said that being nostalgic has to be sad?

Make others laugh – Just hearing the sound of somebody laughing will surely make you laugh too. It’s truly contagious! Tell a hilarious joke to a friend and laugh along. Or ensure that your significant other has reason to be in splits. A hearty laugh from deep inside you will spread quickly to all near you. There is nothing more refreshing than the sounds of laughter.

Don’t hold yourself back, laugh as much as possible. It’s the one sure shot solution to all life’s ills.

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