Age does matter when it comes to celebrating birthdays for men. When they are tiny tots, it can be the most thrilling experience to have a party with their friends who make them feel special. But as they grow old, the softy corner leaves their nature. When boys are young all, they can ever dream about is on becoming superheroes. More the reason as to why rather than giving them a boring gathering, there should wonderful birthday themes for boys on this occasion.

Boys love when their “buddies” are present to flaunt the skill set they possess with over excitement on their birthdays. They are usually into the superheroes from Marvel or DC universe and more likely admire just to be like them. Best theme would be a superhero, space or pirate genre where they get the sense of adventure to indulge themselves.

Not just the costumes but an accessory like the arrow, harry potter’s wand, an eye-patch or the saber light sword would boost their confidence and add the fun element in their enjoyment. Rather than regular cakes, customized ones like minions or animals would excite them more.

Decorations are required to not include confetti and regular balloons but the theme should run blue with maybe a hint of forest surrounding or spooky touch. The activities arranged to engage them should have a sense of adventure for them like scavenger hunt or trampoline arrangement along with twisty race. Most importantly considering their safety, the theme should be organized.