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What makes a house a home?

It is very easy for a mortgage advisor or a conveyancing team to forget what’s going on when there is a house purchase on the go. They deal with so many that there can be something of a wood for the trees kind of moment. Be rest assured, they really do care. They do recognise that this is very, very important to you. To them you are buying a house. To you, you are buying a home. That’s the real difference here. To show that the conveyancing team is concerned, why not have a look at some Conveyancing news. This will keep you up to date so that you can feel better about everything by finding out what is happening with conveyancing in the news.


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Do you look at a house and visualise what it will look like when you have it? Do you perhaps load up a copy of the Sims and plan it out first? This is the difference between a house and a home. Let’s look at the definitions, A house is a place fit for human habituation usually one or more upper floors. Thats a very clinical sentence. What is the definition of a home? It is a place where one lives as a member of a family or household. That is a much warmer sentence and it’s ultimately what you are wanting to turn those four walls into.


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The main thing is to stay positive and get through it. Soon enough you will find yourself in your home starting to make it out to how you want it to be.